An Electrochemical Desalination Cell Based On Conducting Polymers


Insufficient  access  to  potable  water  is  becoming  one  of  the  major  threats  to  sustainable development around the globe. The implementation of water conservation policies and the use of mature and novel desalination technologies are key to address the water demand for an increasing population. Desalination systems based on electrochemical cells are of current interest. This paper discusses an electrochemical cell based on carbon electrodes modified with polypyrrole and  a  polypyrrole/polystyrene  sulfonate  composite  which  have  anion  and  cation  exchange properties, respectively. The cell was used to substantially decrease the concentration of sodium chloride solution in the 10 -1  and the 10 -2  M concentration range. The long term stability of this cell is also discusse


  • Walter Torres Hernández


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