The Use of Entanglement Entropy to Classify Quantum Phase Transitions in 1D Ultracold Spinor Bosons


In this paper, we discuss a novel method based on a quantum-information-toolsuitable to identify and characterize quantum-phases and phase transitions in a broad set of lattice models relevant in condensed-matter systems. The method relies on theentanglement entropy which, for instance, can be calculated using the Matrix ProductState (MPS) algorithm, or any other method, for several system sizes to perform an appropriate scaling. Particularly, this advanced method has been applied for a finite 1D system of repulsively interacting spin-1 bosons and obtaining the universality class via the calculation of the central charge for the extemal field-induced phase transitionbetween the dimerized phase and the XY-nematic phase in the antiferromagnetic regime.Finally, we briefly discuss how this method has been recently used to identify topologicalphases.


  • Karen Rodríguez Ramírez


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